91% of unhappy customers leave and never come back

Get real time in-store customer feedback in seconds. Improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.


35% of customers leave before purchasing because they are unhappy

Get immediate customer feedback
Make it easy for shoppers to provide instant feedback of their in-store experience

Get actionable insights
Get realtime data and rich reporting on the customer perception of your store

Increase store sales
Learn from shoppers on how to improve the in-store experience and increase sales

Simple implementation
Start collecting insights almost immediately! No technical knowledge required

Simple, rich, real time insights in your customers’ satisfaction

A dissatisfied customer will tell more than 10 people about their negative experience


Easy set up. Start collecting insights almost immediately.

Flexibility. Decide where it makes most sense to ask for feedback. At your POS,exit or at the bathrooms. Wall, desk or floor models are available.

Your style. Tailor the look and feel of the software to match your corporate style.

Fully customizable. Ask the questions you want to know the answers to and give customers the options relevant for your store.

Decide when to ask for feedback. Get insights from satisfied and/or unsatisfied customers.

Rich reporting. Gain real time insights on customer behavior and happiness.

Measure improvement. Make changes in store and understand how customers respond.

Compare stores. Compare customer satisfaction between your stores and understand what the differences are.

Easily share findings. Decide who has access into the insights.

Benchmark. Gain access to relevant benchmarks for your location and industry.

Happier customers and higher sales.